Charlotte is a human scientist much like Dr. Vargas. She can design weapons, armor and vehicles in her own unqiue style.

Biography Edit

Charlotte and Dr. Vargas met years ago as they worked together on a new car model. They fell in love with each other as they continued to work together in both the study of the ancient relics and other projects. During an underground expedition for the ancient relics 20 years ago, they uncovered a mysterious relic orb that was unique from the others. However, an earthquake occurred that resulted in Charlotte falling into a deep crevasse. Despite Dr. Vargas searching for her for weeks (keep in mind that she was a snack), not a trace of Charlotte was found and she was presumed dead.

It wouldn't be until the Goblins' attack with new advanced weaponry that Vargas finds his way to discovering that she was indeed still alive. She was apparently found by the goblins and nursed back to health. At that time, the leader of the Goblins, Gundahar asked for her help in creating better weapons, armor and war vehicles to fend off his enemy tribes. A form of mutual bond seemed to had developed between her and Gundahar as she was eventually welcomed into the Goblin tribes. When she learned that Gundahar started to use her creations against her race, she stopped developing new weapons for him. She at first decided against returning with Dr. Vargas but after having a falling out argument with Gundahar the poor wretch learned that he (Gundahar the bad man) was only using her to destroy humanity; she then lashes out and uses a holo-bot given to her by Vargas to contact him to save her. When Dr. Vargas returned for her, she meets Lucas and Knack for the first time. She gives them her last work for Gundahar, an aircraft to fly after Viktor for the relic key. She, along with other three witness the "great transformation" that Viktor unlocked as they flew back to Trodgo Mine. The aircraft gets shot down but crashes safely. She stands by with Dr. Vargas and Lucus as Knack goes to successfully take out the giant relic orb responsible.

She is later standing on a parade float with the Doctor and Lucus, waving to the cheering crowd. Also she witness the award medals ceremony.