Doctor "Daddy Vargas" Vargas




Scientist and daddy




Charlotte (girlfriend) Lucas (lab assistant and protege) Knack (creation and "secret" lover)

"Be hard, Knack; your wood can fend off dangerous creatures."
— Doctor Vargas,Knack 2

Doctor Vargas (also known simply as the Doctor or Daddy Vargas) is a major non-player character in Knack. He is known to be Knack's lover and "sugar daddy." He is also commended for his infamous "Chub and fuck" campaign.


A highly intelligent and respected scientist and inventor, Doctor Vargas is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and using that knowledge in the creation of inventions to improve the lives of humankind and his own sex life. He is skilled in a number of fields, particularly Sucking and fucking, and that of the ancient relics, having studied them for years, with said study eventually leading to the creation of lover Knack. He is also generally benevolent, being friendly with Ryder, showing parental responsibility towards Lucas, and acting with professional courtesy towards Viktor. However, when he becomes particularly enthused with an idea, he can focus too greatly on the advantages to be gained from it, without stopping to consider any negative consequences that might come about. This happens, as is known, when he came up with the infamous "Black Attacker" fiasco. This goes hand-in-hand with a mild arrogant streak, believing his way of thinking or course of action to be the best, unless challenged and proven wrong.


Over twenty years ago, Doctor Vargas was in a relationship with another scientist, Charlotte. The two had fallen in love during their collaboration of a new car model. During one of his underground expedition, he and Charlotte found an unique relic orb that would eventually become part of Knack. However, an earthquake occurred while Daddy Vargas was crossing Charlotte's "deep crevasse" and Charlotte fell down into the darkness[1]. Despite searching for weeks, Dr. Vargas never found a trace of her and she was presumed dead. He was once attacked by an orange Jinjo wielding an M9.

Daddy Vargas was never the same after that. He was broken. Vargas turned to the only other thing he ever loved, an 1856 bottle of Johnnie Walker. Pounding back bottle after bottle, day after day, Vargas became unregonzable to his peers. He grew a beard that would make Santa blush and started rocking a lime green full Adidas tracksuit that was two sizes too small. On one of his benders, he found himself in one of his favourite locations: Old Tim's Tavern. Vargas was never a man who would look for trouble, but trouble always seemed to find him. A pretty young dame approached him from the dark of the tavern. What the young dame saw in Vargas no one knows, but Vargas didn't care. Vargas hadn't felt the touch of a woman in months. The scars Charlotte left were too deep. The young dame showed a lot of interest in Vargas and, to his surprise, she invited him to her home. The young dame and Vargas engaged in a passionate act of coitus and the hole in his hard heart left by Charlotte slowly started to fill, and the wall he had built around himself slowly started to crumble. When the night ended and morning came, the young lass wrote her number down on a polaroid of herself she conveniently kept on her person. Vargas spent the next few days glowing. He was ready to start a new chapter. He put the booze away and shaved the beard. Old peers who had almost left him creeped back into his life. One night, Vargas got together with his old friend, Matthew Church. He showed Matthew the convenient polaroid and told him all about his wonderful night. Matthew examined the image of the young dame in horror. It was that night that Vargas learned about Tony Pepperoni, the most powerful and ruthless crime lord in Chicago. He also learned that he had just slept with his daughter. Matthew pleaded for Vargas to get out of town but he was too subborn to listen. Vargas called the young dame that night and asked if it was true. The young dame was hesitant at first but then told Vargas the truth. Vargas told her he wasn't going to let this revelation stop him and invited the young dame to his apartment. The next night, Vargas awoke to the sound of shattering glass. He told the young dame to stay in bed and went out to investigate. To his surprise, he saw three hooded men dressed down in all black ransacking his home. When they spotted Vargas, they pulled out their bats and beat him nearly to death. They told him to leave the country forever and never try and contact the young dame again. Vargas was never a man to take his life for granted, so he bought the cheapest ticket he could find and left America. A week later, Vargas found himself in a quaint little town in Zimbabwe. Vargas flourished here. He was pulling ass every night and loving it. He went from woman to woman and slowly started to grow fond of his chocolate-skinned lovers. Vargas couldn't limit himself though. He started visiting the hottest homosexual bars in the country and finding new sensations he had never felt before. Months of filling holes and having his holes filled went by and history began to repeat itself. One night, he found himself in bed with a particular young twink. Vargas couldn't get enough: he started a relationship with the young twink and the walls he had built back up came crashing down again. One night after a session of passionate homosexual lovemaking, the young twink told him about his father: Kwame Bentulu, the biggest crime boss in Zimbabwe. Vargas, out of pure fear, kicked the young twink out and began to pack his bag. While putting away his rock collection, he got a knock on his door. Vargas hesitated for a few second but it didn't matter. Four men broke through the door and beat Vargas to near death. They told him to leave Africa and never contact the young twink again. The following day, he bought a one way ticket back to America. He ended up in a town called Red Deer. While adjusting to his new home he began to notice something he didn't like. His favourite black-skinned lovers were nowhere to be seen. There was nothing but white. In the weeks to come, he learned that his could't perform sexually with any lovers except his chocolate-skinned mates. Vargas knew what he had to do. He had a purpose now.

Years later, Daddy. Vargas succeeded in creating a new black lover, Knack, with the relic orb. With the recent escalating threat of the Goblins' new advanced weaponry against human settlements, Dr. Vargas volunteers along with Knack, Lucas, Ryder and Viktor to learn where the Goblins got their culture and civilizational advances from. When he with Viktor and Ryder walk into one of the Goblins' settlement, they are briefly captured but Knack and Lucas save them. After Knack takes down the Goblin Chief's Mecha, Daddy Vargas and Knack are forced to chase after Viktor when he forcefully takes Lucas back to his headquarters. There, the Doctor learns about the powerful giant ancient relics that Viktor's company had uncovered, mined deep underneath his family's castle. There is also a locked doorway to more giant relics, and Viktor believes Knack is the "key" to opening it. While escaping, Lucas shows Dr. Vargas Knack's new ability to absorb elements besides relics. The three later then head off to the mine to attempt opening the locked door. Knack is unable to open the door, and they conclude that he is not the key. Viktor and Katrina soon ambush them and knock Knack down a deep crevasse while taking Vargas and Lucas hostage in Viktor's castle.

While locked up with Lucas, Vargas confides that he saw similarities in the Goblins' vehicles from Charlotte's designs. Ryder soon arrives with some clues to the Goblins' new weapons and Knack breaks them out. The four escape to Ryder's home in Monte Verde. After Dr. Vargas shows Ryder the photo of the locked doorway, Ryder recognizes it from a cave wall painting from an earlier expedition. When the Goblins raid the city, Dr. Vargas again comments on the design of their vehicles. After creating fake relic tracking devices to help locate the Goblins' manufacturing complex, he and Knack go on their own as Ryder and Lucas set out to find the cave painting. While Knack devastates the Goblins' complex and weapons, Dr. Vargas discovers that Charlotte is still alive. With some bitterness, she explains that the goblins had rescued her from her fall when Vargas didn't and had since then been helping Gundahar in developing war vehicles and weapons against his enemies (until she learned that Gundahar turned her inventions against humans). Despite how Dr. Vargas pleads for her to come back with him, Charlotte refuses. He gives her a signal drone and tells her to call him with it if she ever changes her mind. When Gundahar briefly disables Knack, the goblin argues with Dr. Vargas over Goblin/Human relations. Dr. Vargas agrees with Gundahar how things between their peoples are not right but he can't approve of his warlike methods. After Gundahar escapes, the Doctor and Knack go to meet up with Ryder and Lucas.

Upon finding the wall painting, they learn of an ancient relic key hidden in a maze in Obelisk Mountain that can open the locked doorway. Lucas also finds a troubling warning. As Dr. Vargas is excited about the possibilities that the giant relics could offer, Lucas worries and argues that unlocking the doors could mean the end of the world. After Lucas storms off, Vargas asks Ryder if he would stop him if he was doing the wrong thing; Ryder answers that he would. The group heads to the maze and soon see that Viktor and Katrina have arrived before them, thanks to Katrina having bugged Lucas' locket. The four get to the key first, but Lucas argues again with the doctor that they need to destroy the key instead of unlocking the doorway, even getting Knack to side with him. Dr. Vargas is still determined to get the giant relics until Ryder convinces him that Lucas is right about it being too great a risk. However, Katrina in her own mecha grabs the key and gets it to Viktor. After Knack takes her down, Ryder splits from the group to rescue Katrina from the molten area as the other three go after Viktor and the key. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Gundahar have a falling out as Charlotte refuses to help him with more weapons against humans. She soon sends word to the doctor to come save her which he receives while boarding Viktor's giant aircraft. Viktor traps the group and sends them falling to their deaths, not knowing that they had levitation devices on. After failing to retrieve the key, the three found themselves near Gundahar's factory where Charlotte meets with Knack and Lucas. The four soon go after Viktor in a special aircraft that Charlotte had recently built.

As the four reach the area of the mine, Viktor had already used the key, resulting in ancient relic structures emerging from the ground. Viktor's men are picked off by the giant guardians. Dr. Vargas stays behind with Lucas and Charlotte as Knack goes to destroy the giant relic orb, resulting in the collapse of the ancient structures back underground. Soon after, the doctor with Lucas, Charlotte and Knack are honoured in a parade. As they are awarded with medals, Dr. Vargas gives Lucas his medal while giving him due credit for his foresight and preventing their deaths and lastly gives public remembrance to Ryder, assumed dead in the eruption of Obelisk Mountain. Daddy Vargas retires to a life of cabbage farming with black lover, (and his 20 incher) Knack.