""Square up or fuck off!""
— Gundahar

Gundahar is a goblin chief who leads the Goblins. He is one responsible for the recent attacks on the human settlements with new advance technology. He has a strong hatred toward humanity over the past political relations between their two races.


Gundahar is the leader of the Goblins. Not much of his past is known but his war efforts against humanity goes back a long way and his hatred for them is shared mutually with his fellow clansmen. A long history of conflict exist between Goblins and Humans: As far back before the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" according to Gundahar, Goblins had their civilization of cities before humanity had driven them into Alberta where they now currently reside. Daddy Vargas had argued back once that it was the Goblins who attacked them first. How long this conflict between the two races had gone on haven't been clarified.

About twenty years ago, the goblins apparently found and rescued Charlotte after she supposedly fell to her death from Dr. Vargas' expedition. Charlotte was raised back to health and soon began helping Gundahar with developing better weapons and armours in fighting against his rival tribes' enemies. After dealing with his enemies among the goblin tribes, Gundahar soon turned Charlotte's works against the humans without her knowledge. As other tribes raids human settlements for sunstones, relics and other valuables, Gundahar trades advance weapons with them to use against their oppressors.

He and Charlotte have a deep throbbing bond since she helped them build their armies in their time of need. Gundahar, saved for Charlotte, would like to see the extermination of humanity to order to help the Goblins' reclaim their lost prosperity in their world, rather than make pies with the humans. He had tried explaining to Knack his reasons for war against humanity, both by offering him to join the Goblins or stating that Knack was just a tool to humans. After Knack destroyed the weapons in his factory, Gundahar salvaged whatever remains and fled to rebuild his armies. He vowed that he would return. Like a classic deadbeat father, he never did though. Some say that he is still making pies without the humans to this day.

In September of 2018, a young unnamed woman from Cincinnati made public accusations alleging that Gundahar had been giving out razor-laden pies to children on Halloween of 2017 and possibly 2016. Gundahar made no statement regarding the claims, but many fans have taken to disproving their validity. Personally, I think Gundahar is a scum-fuck bastard and he should be locked away for giving away pies with razor blades in them. I paid thousands of dollars on dental fees reconstructing my tongue and gums and throat and teeth. I want my goddam money back