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Head of Security




Viktor (possible boyfriend, deceased)

Katrina is Viktor's  head of security, a tough nut to crack and composed even in the most troubling and difficult of situations. 



Not much of Katrina's past is known. As Head of Security for Viktor, she's an experienced fighter both in martial arts and mech-piloting. She is also very clever and sly, out-thinking most of her opponents. Knack grows to be a challenge for her and she strongly desires to destroy him after being humlliated by him once in pursuit for the giant relics.

Her relationship with Viktor seems more than professional as she is personally devoted to Viktor's goals and finds him as a very brilliant man with vision. Viktor speaks and thinks highly of her as well, that becoming evident when he believed Katrina met her end while confronting Knack in a molten area lasted.

She was last seen being carried by Ryder through an unknown desert.

Knack IIEdit

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