Knack as he appears in the game




Dies in Infinity Warfare


The Doctor (creator/Lover) Lucas (best friend)



"I get hard, I break things, I`m black, get over it."
— Knack

Knack is a mysterious creature with unique abilities. He was created by his secret lover Daddy Vargas and is the main protagonist of Knack?


Knack is a creation of The Doctor, created from ancient relics from a long-lost ancient civilization. Knack is black. Knack is Vegan. Knack has a 20 incher. Knack is capable of intelligent speech and thinking as he gives himself his name. The orb in his chest area was found about twenty years before the start of the story during a deep underground expedition of Doctor Vargas. His purpose is essentially to aid humanity in the war against the Goblins led by Mick. He is able to transform himself into both large and small forms through the use of ancient relics dependent on the situation and action warranted, but his 20-incher remains 20-inches long (and four inches wide). While in his smaller form, Knack is able to more effectively traverse small, restricted areas, crawling through ducts, tunnels, and cracks in order to progress. In his larger form, Knack is more formidable than before, able to move large objects, deal with larger enemies, and perform melee combos. He can also absorb the energy of sunstones to perform various energy-melee attacks.

Personality Edit

While he likes doing what he does best, becoming big and breaking things. He still cares enough for the people around him that he will sacrifice himself, to help. He is obedient and loyal to the doctor, but that doesn't mean he does not have a mind of his own. He can also be quite tough and intimidating when angered. Also a bit of a joker. He will often commit heinous crimes, laughing the whole time and insist that he is simply doing it for the meme. Knack is a deadbeat father.[1] He told me he loved me and left me the next morning. That was 5 years ago. Knack needs to pay his child support. I miss Knack. I loved him. Knack enjoys crochet and coin collecting in his down time between expeditions with good ol' Daddy Vargas and his side piece Ryder.


It is known that Knack can transform himself with the use of ancient relics. He can then use either his sheer size to crush his opponents or his tiny stature to get through tight spaces. He has a variety of forms, some of which are only cosmetic skin changes like the unlockable sunstone and ruby knack forms. He never loses his status as 'black' however. Prior to original belief, he is able to control any random trash laying around the room.

List of materials

  • Ice (melts much faster than anyone would like)
  • Wood ( L I T )
  • Metal (can be stripped away by magnetic fields and electricity)
  • Clear crystals (A stealth mode with two forms but obnoxiously fragile)
  • Creed Albums (serenades all humanity with beauty, but also breeds hateful detractors. If enough are collected at one time, an in-game cinematic is played in which Scott Stapp personally massacres goblins with his Eddie Vedder impression )
  • Poison (Slowly loses Relics, need to replenish quickly)
  • Giant Relics (Becomes pretty damn thicc, 20 incher grows proportionately)
Robo Knack

Robo Knack