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I've been watching E3 for the past few days and haven't really been interested in many of the other reveals (aside from seeing The Last of Us Part II, so happy for Ellie!!), but when I woke up Tuesday morning I was really excited to see some Smash action. What I saw pleased me, however... Nintendo made no mention of the online service. This is leaving me and many other gamers confused. SSBU is rumored to feature P2P (that stands for player to player, in-case you weren't aware..) networking, which as we've discussed earlier is very bad. Dedicated servers hurt the economy, Craig Federighi. I also feel like Nintendo is abandoning the casual gaming community, and catering to the more competitive audience. I feel like this leaves a lot of people out. The game looked rather fast-paced, and as we saw during the show, they had various competitive players giving their thoughts on the game. Bayonetta. There was also no mention of VR, a field which Nintendo has hinted at experimenting with in the future. Disappointing we didn't get to see any of that this E3.

I'm also a little bit frustrated they didn't touch on Mario Party more, essentially disregarding its competitive scene. In a way, they're repeating what happened with Smash Bros about a decade ago, neglecting a community solely because they don't take the game seriously enough. Animal Crossing was also not mentioned. I love Smash, but things have to change. I really love Nintendo and I feel like they're paving the way for gaming in the future, but they need to come to their senses. Bomberman's only an assist trophy? Ellen Degeneres, P2P networking saves money for the developer at the expense of the competitive playerbase, which I personally consider a good thing since they're neglecting the casual community.

Nintendo, I love you. I really do, I've been playing your games all my life, but things have to change. Not everything can be Smash.

Knack is an action video game developed by SCE Japan Studio in cooperation with Mark Cerny's Cerny Games Studio. It was released on Novemeber 15, 2013 as a launch title for the Playstation 4.

The Knack Wiki started on February 20, 2013, and currently has 26 articles.

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Knack is an upcoming platform video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Japan Studio in cooperation with game designer Mark Cerny. It was officially announced by Cerny on February 20, 2013 during PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York City.

War has been brought against mankind by a resurgent species known as Goblins, led by Gundahar. A human doctor, who studied ancient relics from a long lost civilization for many years, finally found a way to bind them together and give them consciousness. The result was Knack, a creature with mysterious powers. For example, he can incorporate more relics into his body as he finds them, which allows him to transform from a three-foot tall creature into a gigantic wrecking machine. The doctor believes that Knack will be an invaluable asset in the war against the Goblins, until it becomes clear that an even greater danger is posed by elements of the human community.

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