Knack 2 soundtrack album art

The KNACK 2 soundtrack was composed by Anthony "Wil" Willis. 

Banger AlertEdit

The soundtrack deals primarily with the fleetingness and depravity of human life. Even though this is a concept album, a number of the cuts can stand on their own. Tracks like "Newhaven" or "The Adventure Begins" are fine country-tinged rockers with an especially powerful guitar solo on "The Adventure Begins". The non-vocal "Norcliff Monestary" is a standout with footsteps racing from side to side successfully eluding any number of odd malevolent rumbles and explosions only to be killed off by the clock's ticking that leads into "The Mountain Pass." Throughout the album the band lays down a solid framework which they embellish with synthesizers, sound effects and spoken voice tapes. The sound is lush and multi-layered while remaining clear and well-structured. "Gundahar" needs every one of its eight minutes to reach its bloody apogee. The song is an opera of nervous tics and the addition of the sound of KNACK exploding in the background really make the track pop. "Xander's Vision" a glam-slam of a lush funk balladdry that needs to be heard to properly appreciated. KNACK 2 Official Soundtrack is a stunning synthesis of thematic obsessions: brutal misanthropy, Institutional oppression and the dread of impending doom that runs through all of mankind and KNACK's 20 incher.


1. Newhaven:\

2. The Adventure Begins:

3. Marius' Estate: 

4. Norcliff Monastery: 

5. The Mountain Pass: 

6. Marshall Arts Training: 

7. Mountain Slide: 

8. Village in Flames: 

9. High Goblin City: 

10. Targun Ruins Exploration: 

11. Fortress Leap: 

12. The Crystal Waters:

13. The Clocktower:

14. The Heroes Exhibit & The Artifact:  

15. The Badlands:

16. Gundahar:

17. Maruis's Legacy:

18. Xander's Vision:

19. Lucas's Mission:

20. Parting of the Ways:

21. The Armageddon Machine:

22. Relic Energy:  

23. The Treaty of Newhaven:  

24. Journey Beyond: